Monday, May 23, 2016

Episode 50

It's our 50th episode!! Thwack your glittery Deadpool piƱatas and rejoice!  In this special episode, not only do we chat the WB shakedown, discuss our favorite upcoming TV shows and question MovieCreedLive, BUT (!) we also make one hell of a special announcement.  It's a Planet X Podcast scoop!

Happy 50th episode, questionably sane listeners!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Episode 49

This week, we (over) analyze Captain America: Civil War, and each give it our rating!  Avoid this episode if you're avoiding spoilers! We also chat Uncharted 4, Disney Infinity, Star Wars Battlefront 2, Philip K. Dick Anthology, Locke and Key, all while sipping some Sam adams hydro coffee stout.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Episode 48

There was almost too much geeky goodness to contain in one episode! Almost, but we totally made it work! We chat Irredeemable, Power Rangers, Fallout IV, The Punisher, young Han Solo and so much more!

The beer hails from the Shmaltz Brewing Company and is the Messiah Nut Brown Ale.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Episode 47

This just in: Fox pulls out of SDCC Hall H!  What do our hosts think it means??  Also, NBC Universal buys Dreamworks Animation, Alicia Vikander is cast as Lara Croft and we get a Fear the Walking Dead recap.  And sit on the edge of your seat as you listen to the intense Super Smash Bros. casting battle!  

Friday, April 29, 2016


Download your FREE copy of the new comic by Planet X's own Jay Odjick!
All you need to read this is CDisplay - which you can get free here:
(The site also has links for non Windows based systems!)

The Outsider is a post-apocalyptic, gritty over the top, grindhouse style graphic novel coming later this year! To whet your gruesome appetite, we're proud to present this 12 page preview of the new book, completely free.

 WARNING NSFW, and not for the kiddies or the faint of heart. Seriously. But if you can handle raw, fast paced action, some blood and guts and the bad words this one's for YOU!

(Instructions: Simply install CDisplay first, then download The Outsider #0 from the above link. When you click the link, it should ask you if you'd like to Open or Save the File. If you click Open, it should automatically suggest "Open in Sequential Image Dsiplay" - that's CDisplay! You = golden. Or, Save the file, open CDisplay, and select File . Load Files and navigate to where you saved your copy!)


Follow Jay at @jayodjick on Twitter and on Facebook at to follow the progress of The Outsider!


Sunday, April 24, 2016

Episode 46

What's your dream TV writing team?  Your hosts line up their faves, including show concepst! Throw in some superhero chat, videogames, movies and a dash of zombies, and you've got a full show of serious geek debate!  

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Episode 45

This week we chat The Defenders, Godzilla, MIB 23 (WTF?) and the Doctor Strange trailer!  There's also chat about Wonder Woman and its Earth One instalment, and Marie effuses sadness about it. There's beer, there's geekery, there's gossip... don't miss this episode of Planet X Podcast!