Sunday, August 9, 2015

Planet X Podcast: Episode 9

Welcome to episode 9, where the hosts desperately try to keep their time under control, having noticed a steady rise in precious minutes.  We've culled the content to bring you the purest, geekiest nuggets of gold.

This includes Star Wars, Prison Break and reboots in general, Fantastic Four, The Walking Dead and much more!

Our picks of the week were:
This week's tipsiness was brought to you by Magic Hat Brewing Company's Dream Machine IPL.

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  1. Hi guys! It’s Christa (AKA okaychris_ from Twitter).

    It was great to hear you talk about Ex Machina because it’s one of my favourite movies that’s come out recently. I just wanted to add another perspective on why it’s so amazing: To me, the story wasn’t only questioning what A.I. entails for humanity, but it was about creating a perfect, obedient woman. Both Nathan and Caleb wanted a woman to please them. Caleb was so blinded by his own desire for Eva that he believed she wanted to escape in order to be with him, and not solely for her own freedom. He also considered himself as a good match for her since he’s the only person who’s shown her kindness -- so why wouldn't she want to escape with him?

    The male gaze is literal when we see Caleb watching Eva dress herself, and it doesn’t seem farfetched to say that he thought it was to be more human and attractive for his sake. Based on the ending, we see how viewing Eva in this way didn’t turn out well for either Nathan or Caleb, especially if you go with Jay's theory that Nathan brought on Caleb because he needed to get rid of Eva. Caleb ultimately failed to recognize her personal, very human desires, desires that didn’t have much to do with him. Meanwhile, Nathan paid the price too for attempting to create these A.I. women to service him. His previous versions of the female robots eventually showed their own independent thinking and tried to escape him, and at this point they were almost too human. Eva was the one who managed to slip away.

    Anyway, I'm loving this podcast! Keep it up. :)